We buy houses, renovate them creating value to the market helping people all across Texas finding the right house.
We transform diligently each of our properties into a home full of distinction, making shure our home buyers feel they’ve found something special. We managed every aspect of the renovation, ensuring the home has been transformed with the utmost care, quality, distinction and attention to detail you expect when purchasing your new home.

Our services

We found the ideal home for you, your family or client. We work in collaboration with several local real estate agents to be able to offer you all the options available on the market. Whether to buy a house or buy a plot of land to be able to build and develop there. We specialize in house flipping and wholesale.


We work with several Real Estate Agents from all over Texas, mainly in the Houston area, to find the best options of houses that we can renovate and offer to the real estate market, adding a lot of value by focusing on quality, trust, and cost-benefit focus for all budgets taking care of every corner and aspect of the house, making it a first-class home generating direct jobs in our community and encouraging teamwork.

Work with us

We work hand in hand with several local real estate agents, contractors and residential and commercial developers. If you are a real estate agent, contractor or housing developer, we can create commercial synergy submitting cash offers on properties or land that fit our criteria. We focus on offers with strong, yet flexible terms. We would love to meet you!